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Spirit Graphics and Marketing has been a force in the world of corporate branding, fleet marking, vehicle, machinery and building signage since 2005. However, our signage experience goes back another decade. Here is a tiny bit of the background to the personalised service we are proud to offer today.

Spirit’s Senior Graphic Designer, Tim Robinson, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction, engineering and mining services, field with a background as a Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager (check out his LinkedIn profile here). He is the go too guy for design of corporate branding, prospectuses and annual reports, capability statements and brochures, both electronic and printed. Not to mention he one of the nice guys around town. I should know, I happen to be his married partner of 20 years. When I first met him for some photoshop training in my little Kenwick sign shop back in the day, the sparks ignited and flash forward to today, we are a design team and have finally settled down to an enjoyable collaboration , providing outstanding services to the business community.

We recognise the flow-on effect our graphics and marketing services brings to the community and our enthusiasm to produce excellent results with integrity and reliability remains steadfast. We know our product, we know the materials and we have the experience you can trust. Our team includes a number of valuable and trusted trade suppliers we have engaged over the years to help us bring all the components together to produce our quality work.

I want to mention our dedicated, intelligent, talented and professional digital specialist Lance Woolf, who has been with “Team Spirit” for almost 2 years (check out his LinkedIn profile here). It would be fair to say that I am somewhat biased in my opinion of Lance, as he just happens to be my son. However, my objectivity allows me to see him from all angles, the clients’, the employee’s and the boss’ point of view. I have worked as all three and I always say, the most important people in your business are your employees and your clients. Okay I stole this nugget from Richard Branson, but I wholly agree.

We would love to connect with you and become a part of your network. See Wendy’s LinkedIn profile here.

Check out our recent fleet signage projects below, which were designed, fabricated and installed by the Spirit Team.

Our Recent Projects Include:

Our Corporate-branding, fleet-marking, vehicle and building signage is made with quality long lasting materials such as durable digitally printed ACM sign panelling and  7 Year automotive vinyl covered in UV laminate. All work shown below is designed, produced and installed by Spirit Graphics.

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