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Project Description

Cape Australia 2018 Brochure

Design and Print Production

Cape is an international leader in providing innovative, safe and reliable industrial services for our customers construction and maintenance projects. Cape entered Australia in 2007 with the acquisition and integration of several scaffolding and corrosion protection businesses. Today Cape Australia employs more than 3,000 staff across the country, working for a range of customers including BP, Exxon, Quadrant Energy, Chevron, Woodside, Alcoa, Newmont, CBH, Orica, GE Alstom, Synergy, BHPB and Rio Tinto. Cape undertakes both greenfield (capital) and brownfield (sustaining capital and maintenance) projects and our ability to provide multi skilled teams to undertake a multitude of complex tasks is paramount to our success to date.

In 2018 Spirit Graphics produced a series of promotional material for Cape including this stunning 20 page brochure.

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