The Brief

In 2022, ASX listed Torain Resources underwent a total rebrand under the new name of Asra Minerals and Spirit Graphics was engaged to design the new logo and branding. One of the first projects in the roll-out of the new branding was working with Republic PR to design and build a new website. This was to focus primarily on investor engagement and portraying the company as a successful player in Western Australian gold and rare-earths exploration. Particular attention was given to spruiking the company's flagship Mt Stirling project.

The Solution

With a distinctive graphic look-and-feel already designed, Spirit adapted elements of this to create an animated logo element which creates subtle movement on every page. We also edited several video clips down to create an eye-catching home page feature background that tells the Asra story in a few seconds and engages the audience immediately. We integrated an ASX data feed to show up-to-date stock price and share performance data, styled to fit seamlessly within the site. The ASX data feed also facilitates the automated announcements publication which fulfils the site's statutory reporting obligations with a minimum of effort.

Asra Minerals website - Home Page
Asra Minerals website - Footer design
Asra Minerals website - Menu design
Asra Minerals website - Alternative page title bar design