Calidus Annual Report - Inside front cover

The Brief

ASX listed Calidus Resources is a gold exploration and development company operating in the Eastern Pilbara Goldfields area of Western Australia. This is the second annual report Spirit has produced for them, but for the previous one, the company was in the early construction phase of their mine development. For the FY2022 report they were finalising construction and moving into early production. So our brief was to represent that change in the the look-and-feel of the Annual Report.

The Solution

Our aim with this Annual Report was to represent the change in the change int he company's nature. From an explorer preparing to build a gold mine, to a gold mining company preparing to swing into full production. However, we still wanted to retain something of the overall corporate look established int he previous Annual report. So we kept the coloured layers concept from FY21 and changed from organic, topographical curves to mechanical straight lines and geometric shapes with the raw ore moving through different stages of refinement.

Calidus Annual Report - Front Back Covers
Calidus Annual Report - Chairman's Letter
Calidus Annual Report - Inside Spread
Calidus Annual Report - Inside back cover

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