Forge Group Company Profile

The Brief

In 2013, Western Australian mining services provider Forge Group underwent a strategic rebranding to unite all of its subsidiaries under a common banner. This was part of a long-term strategy we helped conceive, and are very proud to have managed and executed over an 18 month period. As part of this process we developed a suite of marketing material including subsidiary capability statements and this over-arching Company Profile brochure.

The Solution

We worked closely with all stakeholders to not only design this brochure, but develop the content from the ground up to tell the story of Forge as an integrated service provider rather than a disparate group of separate companies. Featuring stunning photography by Margaret Bertling, this brochure design epitomises the new brand look-and-feel with its red and black colour palette and repeating angled shapes. Every page was carefully crafted from the ground up.

Forge Group Company Profile - Font & Back Covers
Forge Group Company Profile -First Inside Spread
Forge Group Company Profile -Second Inside Spread
Forge Group Company Profile -Division Profiles

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