Quick Connect Logo - Powerpoint Cover Slide

The Brief

In 2019 we were approached by a client who was starting a new venture aiming to provide support services and infrastructure for SMEs, such as payroll, recruitment, management training and logistics. The brief was fairly simple and open, but he wanted something that would lend itself to sub-branding for all of the various service areas offered.

The Solution

Spirit Graphics designed this iconic design with a forward leaning 10º angle. The "IE" icon represents support modules being added to the client business. The primary branding is a conservative slate green with blue accents, whereas the various sub brands are represented by more vibrant colours. We also designed a system of icons to reprent the service ecosystem.

Insight Ecosys Logo Design - Horizontal & Vertical Versions
Insight Ecosys Logo Design - Reverse Versions
Insight Ecosys Logo Design - Secondary Brand Assets
Insight Ecosys Logo Design - Secondary Brand Assets 2

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