Mareterram 2017 Annual Report

The Brief

Before they were bought by Sea Harvest, Mareterram Limited was a publicly listed Western Australian company focussed on fishing and seafood production of WA's Gascoyne coast. Spirit Graphic produced their IPO Prospectus in 2015 and their Annual Reports from 2016–2018. Each year they would supply a tranche of professional photos taken throughout the year and this would serve as inspiration for the design concept of the Annual Report.

The Solution

With great photography supplied, we chose the hero image and created a cover design around that. The rest of the design cane from that with some recurring themes carried forward from previous years. We created some custom nautical elements such as the rope boarder on the footer and the geometric ripple texture inspired by the water surface in many of the photos, and used as an overlay in several different ways throughout the report.

Mareterram 2017 Annual Report - Front & Back Covers
Mareterram 2017 Annual Report -Chairman's Letter
Mareterram 2017 Annual Report -MD's Report
Mareterram 2017 Annual Report -Financial Statements

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