Vysarn Limited 2022 Annual Report

The Brief

ASX listed Vysarn Limited has had a long standing relationship with Spirit Graphics, having used us for their initial brand design and IPO Prospectus, as well as their suite of websites and every Annual Report since listing. 2022 was a milestone year for the company, having grown from a single subsidiary to adding 2 new acquisitions with a third in the works. So the brief was to represent the company's leap from hyrogeological driller to vertically integrated Water Services Provider with 3 subsidiary companies dealing with different aspects of the water management sector.

The Solution

We started by evolving the previously black and dark blue dominated colour palette to a light, bright blue water look that felt fresh and represented the company's multi-pronged water focus. these bright blues and whites contrast nicely with the reds and earthy colours of the Pilbara environment where the operational images mostly come from. We also incorporated a layered diagonal step element to break up the horizontal and vertical lines and represent the company's "breaking out" into a wider market.

Vysarn Limited 2022 Annual Report - Font & Back Covers
Vysarn Limited 2022 Annual Report - Corporate Directory
Vysarn Limited 2022 Annual Report - Directors' Report
Vysarn Limited 2022 Annual Report - Operations Report

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