The Brief

MundaMurra is a 100% Aboriginal owned and managed company, delivering rail, utilities, civil and mining services in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Owner and Managing Director Stewart Drage engaged Spirit in 2021 to take his existing logo and develop a brand look-and-feel that was soft and friendly but uniquely indigenous. We developed this brand design with their Capability Statement brochure as the first test project, and then rolled it out with business cards and a series of templates for documentation and presentations. Then we were engaged to build this website using the contend from the brochure as the initial design brief.

The Solution

Using the established Mundamurra take on the indigenous colour palette as well as the secondary brand elements of ragged edges and the emu footprints, we built this site to be simple to navigate and easy to read. This ties in to the company's approachable nature and their primary value of relationship building.

Mundamurra Website - About Page
Mundamurra Website - Home Page Values
Mundamurra Website - Capabilities Page
Mundamurra Website - Footer